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What is GPT?
  GPT stands for "Get Paid To". There are many websites that pay users to complete offers, click advertisements, and read emails for money. Explore the menu on the side to see what you can get paid to do.
Are these sites free?
  Yes. None of the sites listed on Centralicity require you to pay anything. While many of these sites do have paid offers, they are entirely optional.
  If a company requires you to pay to join or upgrade to a "pay membership", consider your options. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of GPT sites. There is no need for you to pay to be a member, these companies are already making a profit from you without charging you a membership fee.
How do I know which sites to trust?
  Read reviews! Centralicity has reviews on the most popular GPT sites and we are constantly updating and adding new sites to our database. If there is a GPT site that you would like us to investigate, please send us a message.
  Also, read our scams section to see which sites you should avoid and what you can do to prevent being scammed.
Am I going to get spam?
  Probably. To avoid having your personal inbox fill up with newsletters and unwanted mail, create a new email account for free with a company such as Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail.
What is a referral?
  A referral is someone who has signed up for a website through a unique URL. The person or company may get a bonus for each person who signs up under their name or they will receive a percentage of their referrals earnings.
  If you do not sign up with a referral, many gpt companies will automatically assign you to a paying member who you do not know.
Will I get paid?
  Yes, if you are working with a credible company and follow their instructions.
How do I get paid?
  The payment method of each company varies. Generally, you will be paid by cheque, PayPal, or giftcard. Some companies give users points or online currency that can be traded for merchandise.
  If you would like to know the payment method for a specific company, select the company in our program list and view the payment method listed in their profile.
I don't have PayPal, can I still get paid?
  Yes. Look for companies that offer payment by cheque or GCs. If you would like to know the payment method for a specific company, select the company in our program list and view the payment method listed in their profile.
  Still, most GPT sites do pay by PayPal, so consider getting a PayPal account.
Why do these companies pay users?
  Users are doing these companies a service. Companies make a profit from higher website traffic, advertisements, and offers being completed. Users receive a portion of these profits as incentive for interacting with a particular website.
  Every survey answered and review posted helps companies better understand their consumers. This is one of the reasons why you should only complete offers that you are interested in and answer all surveys honestly.
How can I participate in paid offers without giving my credit card information?
  First, make sure you are interested in the paid offer and remember there is no guarantee that you will be paid.
  If you still want to go through with the offer, consider using a prepaid card. It works just like a credit card, but holds a preset amount of money that you load onto the card.
How did you choose the top 5 programs?
  All of the GPT sites listed on Centralicity are ranked based on their overall star rating. To see a full list of the programs we have reviewed in order of ranking view our comparison chart.
How is the overall star rating determined?
  The overall star rating is based on many different factors including the GPT site's pay rate, payout methods and minimum cashout requirement, average length of time to redemption, and earning potential.
Can I submit a review?
  Absolutely! Please use our form to submit a review. Make sure to include the title of the site you are reviewing, your rating, and any other comments you would like to add. We value your opinion
Why did you give my favourite GPT site such a low rating?
  Ratings are based on a variety of aspects, including pay rate, payment method, minimum required to cashout, and average length of time to redemption. Please use our form to send a review if you think a GPT site should have a higher or lower rating than what we have given it. Make sure to include the site name, your rating, and any additional comments.
Why haven't you listed one of my favourite GPT sites?
  We are always working to add new GPT sites to our list. If we're missing a GPT site that you think should be included, let us know. Please send a message reporting the new site.
Why are your daily earnings for a listed site so low? I make a lot more than that in a day.
  The daily earnings and average time to redemption are just rough ideas of what you can earn on the site each day by doing a minimal amount of work. You could potentially earn much more on all of the sites listed in a shorter period of time, but if you still think our daily earnings amount is too low, or too high, please send us a message here.
Unanswered Questions
  If we haven't answered your question, please feel free to contact us through our contact form or email us at