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How to avoid being scammed:
1) Do not pay to join a GPT website. There are plenty of GPT companies to choose from and the legitimate ones do not require you to pay anything.
2) Read reviews! Centralicity is constantly reviewing GPT websites to make sure users know which site is best for them.
3) Read the companies TOS (terms of service) or TOU (terms of use). You will be glad you did. Look for loopholes and reasoning of why the company may not pay you, if it seems suspicious, avoid that site. Check for any discrepencies on different pages about payment information. Also, if there is an abundance of spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, be cautious.
4) If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
5) Be cautious about providing any personal information, especially bank or credit card information. If you want to participate in a paid offer, consider using a prepaid credit card.
Websites to avoid:
CashFiesta Users have reported that once they met the minimum payment threshold, there account was suspended for suspected fraud and no money was ever received.
Cassandras Clicks Several users have reported never receiving money after it was requested.
E-Castig No proof of payments, testimonials, forum, or chat function. The site contains lots of spelling mistakes and they do not confirm user's email address.
GPT CashCow Site has been "temporarily down" for over 3 months. Stopped paying out before its closure. Owner recommended users switch to another site which has also shut down. Facebook page closed without explanation and owner is not responding to emails. Forum was deleted and accounts were marked as paid, despite users never receiving payment. Account with PayPal was frozen. A popular scam site, do not use!
Spedia Cheques are often "lost" in the mail. Upbux closed after account with PayPal limited FAQ section on website has been under construction since its launch and administration will not respond to user questions. Once paid, users must post a proof of payment in the forum or their account will be banned, but no new proof of payments have been posted for over a month.
Wealth Wars Users reported that once minimum threshold met, never given the chance to cashout. New website, registered at the end of 2009. Officially launched in January 2010, but website has been down since.