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Tips & Tricks
1) Create a new email address
  To avoid spam, do not use your personal email address for completing offers. Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo are all free email services.
  Consider opening several email accounts and use different ones to sign up for similar offers.
2) Clear your Cookies
  To ensure you get credited for every offer completed, make sure you constantly clear your cookies. To clear your cookies, follow the instructions below:
  Internet Explorer Click tools>internet options>click delete under browsing history. A pop-up will appear. Click "delete cookies".
  Firefox Click tools>clear private data>check "cookies">click "clear private data now"
  Opera Click tools>delete private. A pop-up will appear. Click details, check "delete all cookies". Click "delete".
  Safari Click Safari menu>click preferences>choose the security dialog box>click Bookmarks>click "Show Cookies">click Remove all>click done
3) Follow the instructions
  Make sure you carefully follow the instructions of the GPT site. If they say click on 2 ads, make sure you do. If you do not follow instructions, not only will you not be credited, your account will likely be banned.
4) Only do offers once, unless otherwise specified

If you do the same offer more than once, even on different GPT sites, you might not be credited and your account could be banned.


This can be avoided by keeping track of completed offers. Making a list can also help you keep track of what is owed to you.

5) Do not immediately cancel a trial offer

If you sign up for a trial offer, do not immediately cancel or you will not be credited. If you do want to cancel a trial, mark a date on your calendar and don't forget to cancel by then.

6) Stay active

Most GPT sites will consider your account inactive if you do not login for 30 days. So remember to keep using the account to avoid losing the money you have earned.

7) Use an automatic form filler

Download RoboForm. This program lets you enter information once, then every time you want to fill out an offer, simply press "fill" and it's done for you. Make sure this is allowed by the GPT company you are working with by looking through their Terms of Service.

8) Get a free private number

Similar to creating a new email account, this is done to prevent spam. If you are filling out offers and using your personal telephone number, it is likely you will start receiving telemarketing calls.,,, and offer free phone numbers.

  Some offers require cell phone numbers so that they can text you a pin that you enter on the site. Skip these. It is not worth the constant calls and texted ads you will receive.
9) Read Centralicity's notes

Centralicity makes note of, well, noteworthy things, so take a look at the bottom of the page to find out what you need to know. You may even find some goodies like code words from time to time.

10) Do not cheat!

Cheaters do not get paid, they get banned. If you are not sure if you are cheating, read through the terms of service, rules, or FAQs.